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Filipina Twat Laiza – Johns new favourite

Filipina Twat Laiza – Johns new favourite

[ 1 ] July 1, 2012

I seriously love Filipina Twats. As does John Tron. So we share that. However, there is one thing we don’t share. Stamina. I have no trouble fucking girls, but lining up one Filipina twat after the other the way John Tron does on his Filipina Sex Diary is astonishing. How does he manage to fuck such an amount of girls in no time?

So, when Filipina twat Laiza showed up on the scene I got the impression that he was about to slow down a bit and stick with one girl for a little while. Wouldn’t mind me, Laiza is one piece of a very cute Filipina babe. Not the wildest fuck around, but I do not mind watching a beautiful Pinay body like Laiza being penetrated by a monger cock, as long as she seems to enjoy it. She does.

Filipina Twat Laiza on date outside Academy Annex Angeles City

Look at this view! I’m a sucker for cleavage views like this!

It probably ain’t worth mentioning, but I’ll do anyway; Laiza was also found on web cam. If you check out John’s daily updated Filipina Sex Diary you’ll see that Laiza had teased John for quite some time, on cam, before she agreed to show up on a date. John makes a point telling us it was worth waiting for this Filipina Twat. I have no doubt he is honest about that!

They meet up at the CCEMI Academy-Annex, which is on the very outskirt of Angeles City. I mention this for one reason only. the Academy Annex is situated next to CEMI Internation Bible School. He-he, I thought that was funny. I’m pretty sure he didn’t find Laiza there though. LOL.

Well, the date turns out fine and she comes with him to the hotel-room. When she starts to undress we can really start to enjoy one hell of a Pinay nude body. Her petite Filipina tits are just awesome, it’s almost like there is no point in waiting for the rest. He-he, kidding. Being completely undressed, she is unbelievable.

Filipina Twat Laiza showing her perfect nude pinay body for us to enjoy

She also explores the monger cock of John with a curiosity most other girls don’t show, so she might be a bit unexperienced with white European dicks. Watching her Filipina Twat being entered by his prick is a hot sight and although she is a bit on the passive side she sure shows signs of enjoying it. She also gives him a really great ride before it ends in a doggy-style creampie. Another hot Filipina Twat with sticky white European jizz dripping out of her pussy. Great!

Filipina Twat Laiza rides Monger JOhns cock

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Filipina Twins – He’s living my dream!

Filipina Twins – He’s living my dream!

[ 0 ] June 22, 2012

A couple of Filipina Twins, that would be a fuck experience for life! Ok, I’ll admit; I guess it would be even better if they were identical twins, but nevertheless. Fucking a couple of Filipina Twins sure is a dream. John continues exploring the new ways of finding Filipina girls. Shane and Mariz were, as many of John Tron’s Trophies, also met on the internet. They had already chatted on webcam several times before they decided to hook up on a date.

They met each other at the Wok Restaurant, a nice Chinese place next to the Liberty Hotel, at the outskirts of Angeles City Entertainment District. (That would be Fields Avenue) I’m mentioning this for two reasons. The girls are regular visitors there and I’ve also eaten there myself. Recommended. (It’s so fun when John visits places I’ve actually been to myself!)

Filipina Twins enjoying date at Wok Restaurant, Angeles city

Anyway, after a lovely dinner where the girls proves themselves to be both funny and entertaining company, they head back to the hotel. These Filipina Twins laughs a lot and sure loves to talk about sex too. It’s no wonder that John gets his hope up for the night.
After entering the shag pad, as he loves to call it, the Filipina Twins are quick to get down to business. Wether these girls are seasoned bar veterans or just normal girls, I don’t know. But they seems to know that mongers loves to take pictures of their evening catch. They actually seems to be experienced at it too. Which is good, I love to watch good Pinay poses. I also get the feeling that these Filipina Twins love to fondle with each other as well cause Mariz sure licks Shane’s beautiful small nipples a lot. But this ain’t just about being naked on camera.

Filipina Twins flashes two awesome pairs of Filipina Tits

Look at the beautiful difference on their filipina nipples. Filipina twins (not identical twins) ready to fuck!

John pulls out his white monger piece of meat and the girls are quick to grab it in an eagerly way. There is one shot in this hot scene that is capturing everything I dream off when it comes to fucking Pinays. Imagine being sucked by one hot Filipina mouth while watching another hot Filipina spread hear legs for you to see all her goodies!

Filipina Twins ready to fuck Monger john, one sucks while other spreads her Filipina legs

John captured my secret dream. Being sucked by one Filipina while watching another spread her beautiful pinay legs

Shane is the skinny one and she is really cute. Mariz is obviously the other one then, the chubby one. By looking at the HD scene (and I’ve done that a couple of times now) you’ll might get the same impression as me. Mariz seems to be the wilder fuck. Both girls seems to enjoy his european cock but it’s Mariz that makes the most noise while being shagged. Despite this, John chooses to creampie Shane. That’s no shame really, watching his Jizz drip out of her fucked Filipina Twat is a sight for sour eyes.

Filipina Twins Mariz and Shane the latter getting a hot pinay creampie

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On a foot-note. I’ve discovered a blog similar to mine. What differs it from mine is that he shares his knowledge about the Philippines too, not only writing about his favourite girls. He seems to enjoy different girls than me too, so you’ll find other Filipina hotties on his blog. And, he actually claims to have fucked a favourite of mine. Felicity. Lucky lucky bastard!

Pinay Khia – Angeles City ex-model Free Ride

Pinay Khia – Angeles City ex-model Free Ride

[ 0 ] June 13, 2012

Khia is a twenty year old Pinay with a past as a model. Our monger hero John Tron literally found here at Clark base, a store nearby his hotel. He didn’t go to one of those Malls because he was tired and didn’t want to start mongering right away after an exhausting trip to Thailand. But then again, if you’re bit by the Monger virus, you’re pretty much helpless against anything when you spot a girl like Khia down the ailes. This pinay ex-model knows when a man is interested, probably by experience, because when John moves in for the talk, she admit to have spotted him following her around the shop.


She says she soon needs to go home to her kid but a small white lie telling her he is a fashion photographer convince her to do a photo-shot with John at his hotel-room first. He is not let down in any way, she comes with him and also turns out to be a real experienced model. Her poses are good and she acts relaxed in front of the camera troughout the whole seanse.

Khia Pinay Ex-model Blowjob takes monger down throatHOT PINAY KHIA FUCKED ON HD VIDEO

Well, as we know by now, he does not drag Pinay beauties to his hotel-room for sweet-talk and photoshoots alone. There are only two things on a monger’s mind. How does she look behind the clothes and how well does she fuck. He was wondering if she wanted more and felt that he got her horny enough for more when he started touching her nipples. Suddenly, it all went along very smoothly! What a great body this girl has! No sign of post-pregnancy. Perfect. She gives him a sweet Filipina Blowjob. As John describes it himself: “.. not a wild one, but an honest one with polite kindness.”

Pinay Ex Model Khia takes it doggy styleCHECK HOT VIDEO OF KHIA – CLICK

After a disappointing short trip to Thailand John is sure as hell glad to be back in Angeles City. It shows, he fucks Khia with a true passion and she returns his affection with a hot body that sure as hell enjoys every centimeter of his fairly large white monger cock.

This is one of my favourite HD Video clips to be found at his website. True Pinay Porn.

Sweet Filipina Pussy Squeezes Cock

Sweet Filipina Pussy Squeezes Cock

[ 0 ] June 9, 2012

 Analyn is the kind of Sweet Filipina Pussy you would die to get your prick into. After watching this video I decided to give you something else than my fan-ramblings over the online sex diary this blog is celebrating.
Analyn is a Filipina woman who sometimes stroll the streets of Angeles City to make some extra cash. Jumping into the Trike late night she is quickly found and there’s no bullshit to it. “hi, lets fuck” with a quick “deal” reply is sometimes the easy way out, but it might also serve as a surprise,  like when it comes down to this Filipina Pussy. After entering his ground zero of banging, the no nonsense continues smoothly. A bit of chit chat, she reveals she has a boyfriend of the jelaous type, they get into petting, undressing and foreplay. A particular randy sight is when she is rubbing her asian clitoris while sucking his growing monger cock.

Analyn Trike Patrol Filipina Blowjob while rubbing asian ClitorisClick to see her Sweet Filipina Pussy fucked on Video

I bet he wonders if he should just pop out of her mouth and spray down her beautiful Filipina Tits at once. But no; not this guy, he is the creampie sort of monger. What’s the fun in popping the sperm at foreplay already, as well? Filipinas ain’t always the best cocksuckers though, but Analyn, she really knows how to give a proper asian blowjob.

Analyn Filipina Pussy being fucked at Trike PatrolClick to see her Sweet Filipina Pussy fucked on Video

He quickly understands why Analyns filipino boyfriend is of the jealous type. Everyone would like to have a pussy like this to himself. It is seriously tight. (Not to forget that most guys, regardless of ethnicity, wants their girl friends left alone). Her tight Filipina pussy squeezes his white monger cock good.

Analyn - Trike Patrol Girl Riding Cock with her Filipina PussyClick to see her Sweet Filipina Pussy fucked on Video

Now wonder why he ends up filling up her pussy with hot white jizz, a creampie is always a good ending. I know I would love to do that, after banging this beautiful girl hard. I mean, look at those asian tits, that beautiful slim body. Why can’t every fuck be as easy to get, boom-boom, no commitments, bye bye.
This is not the filipina sex diary, it’s Trike Patrol.
I’m a big fan of that one as well. Recommended!