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Angela – Perfect Tits on Filipina Hottie get Creampie

Angela – Perfect Tits on Filipina Hottie get Creampie

[ 0 ] April 18, 2012

Seriously man If I could choose my way to go (whenever I am supposed to go), I would probably have chosen to drown between Angelas Tits.
That pair of boobs is just incredible. Look at them! John Tron is a lucky man. However, I do wonder how is dick can take all this.

I have to write about Angela, A girl he met on chat a while ago. April 16th, two days ago, they finally got the chance to meet. When I watched the video on the site I struck by the beauty of those perfect Asian Boobs. Man they’re great. I have no wonder why I want to drown between them. She didn’t speak english to well tough, (Most Filipinas does, it’s their second language)

Angela Perfect Boobs John Tron Sex Diary
But Her boobs ain’t all, This was also an enjoyable fuck to watch. Angela’s perfect body is stunning to watch while John Tron fucks her in various positions. And it ends with a truly great creampie. Man I love love his Site!

Angela is one of around 30 girls he fucked the last two months. Most of the girls more than once! In three months John Tron has managed to fill his Diary with so many hot girls it is beyond belief.And he shares it all with  us in his Online Filipina Sex Diary.
(PS: The Clip I think i like the most tough, is mentioned in this blog. (Check those cuties )