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Pinay Khia – Angeles City ex-model Free Ride

Pinay Khia – Angeles City ex-model Free Ride

[ 0 ] June 13, 2012

Khia is a twenty year old Pinay with a past as a model. Our monger hero John Tron literally found here at Clark base, a store nearby his hotel. He didn’t go to one of those Malls because he was tired and didn’t want to start mongering right away after an exhausting trip to Thailand. But then again, if you’re bit by the Monger virus, you’re pretty much helpless against anything when you spot a girl like Khia down the ailes. This pinay ex-model knows when a man is interested, probably by experience, because when John moves in for the talk, she admit to have spotted him following her around the shop.


She says she soon needs to go home to her kid but a small white lie telling her he is a fashion photographer convince her to do a photo-shot with John at his hotel-room first. He is not let down in any way, she comes with him and also turns out to be a real experienced model. Her poses are good and she acts relaxed in front of the camera troughout the whole seanse.

Khia Pinay Ex-model Blowjob takes monger down throatHOT PINAY KHIA FUCKED ON HD VIDEO

Well, as we know by now, he does not drag Pinay beauties to his hotel-room for sweet-talk and photoshoots alone. There are only two things on a monger’s mind. How does she look behind the clothes and how well does she fuck. He was wondering if she wanted more and felt that he got her horny enough for more when he started touching her nipples. Suddenly, it all went along very smoothly! What a great body this girl has! No sign of post-pregnancy. Perfect. She gives him a sweet Filipina Blowjob. As John describes it himself: “.. not a wild one, but an honest one with polite kindness.”

Pinay Ex Model Khia takes it doggy styleCHECK HOT VIDEO OF KHIA – CLICK

After a disappointing short trip to Thailand John is sure as hell glad to be back in Angeles City. It shows, he fucks Khia with a true passion and she returns his affection with a hot body that sure as hell enjoys every centimeter of his fairly large white monger cock.

This is one of my favourite HD Video clips to be found at his website. True Pinay Porn.

Michelle – Filipina Cocksucker fucked twice on Sex Diary

Michelle – Filipina Cocksucker fucked twice on Sex Diary

[ 0 ] May 10, 2012

Notorious monger John Tron fucks Michelle in Cebu. Although John didn’t get much anal from Michelle, she sure as hell made him horny enough to fuck her twice in no time. A tight Pinay pussy squeezing your cock, nothing can quite beat that!

John have gone to Cebu for a while, claiming he is a bit tired of Angeles City. Is that even possible? hehe.  So, strolling around the streets of Cebu he notices this Pinay in a blue dress. After making contact he tells her he likes to take pictures. She seems to like that and follows him to his hotelroom.

Now here’s the deal; she turned out to be one hell of a Filipina cocksucker. Grabbing Johns cock, sucking it like a Pinay pro (he also suspects her for knowing a bit about beeing a bargirl) he gets so freakin’ horny he fucks her Filipina Pussy doggy style at once. After a few minutes her twat is filled up with a nice Filipina creampie. Then he fucks her again after just a few minutes break.

Who wouldn’t like to meet a Filipina Cocksucker like Michelle? She doesn’t seem to like it when her Pinay Ass is being fucked anal though, but that doesn’t stop her from being a hot fuck!

It’s quite a task to commit oneself to make a Filipina Sex Diary with daily updates. John does and manages, you can see it all in HD video and pictures. Not only the fucking, but also what he sees as a Phillipines tourist monger. He even has some tips on how and where to pick the girls up. I just love that website!

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